Friday, June 13, 2008

College World Series - Day 2

The second day of work in Omaha was a blur. I arrived at the trucks at 9am and typed my fingers off.  We prepped for tomorrow's second game, a matchup between Georgia and Miami. Then I built a bunch of stuff for LSU, North Carolina's opponent on Sunday night.  I haven't typed a graphic for Carolina yet. I hate that my Heels don't play until the second game on Sunday; I don't want to wait that long to see them.  I managed to find a few minutes during the day to run into Rosenblatt Stadium and take a couple of pictures while they were practicing, however.

Yes, I'm sure I should have taken a few more - and of better quality - but there was a lot of work to do.  If I'd spent more time down there, I'm sure no one would have noticed, but I let my work ethic get the better of me at that moment.  Oh well.  It's a long two weeks; I'm sure I'll have another opportunity to see them.

Carolina, at 51-12, has a better record than LSU (48-17-1), but LSU has been hot of late.  I became a little nervous while I was typing individual LSU player lower thirds because at least three players had slugging percentages over a thousand during the postseason.  That's really good.  Not to mention they annihilated UC Irvine 21-7 to win a spot in the College World Series.  The Tar Heels are no strangers to winning, and this is their third consecutive trip to Omaha.  After being defeated by the Oregon State Beavers in the finals of the previous two championship series, Carolina is ready to win it all this year.  And I'm ready to watch them.

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