Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Not Just the Destination

In my opinion, I won the text messaging war with my friend Sarah regarding flying a certain airline's routes.  [See Travelling Again (But This Time It's For Fun) from July 1.]  Even though my husband and I could've taken an airline on which we had no status on a direct flight to London from New York, we chose to stick with United, with whom we are both Premier Executive. Instead of a direct flight, we stopped in Chicago, then turned around and headed to Heathrow.  It worked out well for us.  Because Economy Plus was oversold, my husband and I were given complimentary upgrades to Business Class.  Excellent!  We wouldn't have been able to do that had we flown American or Virgin Atlantic or Continental on a direct flight from JFK. Because of our upgrades, we were able to go through the fast line at customs at Heathrow, and our bags were among the first onto the baggage claim belt. Perhaps we took a circuitous route from New York City to London, but we were pleased with our decision because we arrived well-rested, in good spirits, and ready to explore the city where we honeymooned almost ten years ago. Sometimes it does pay to be loyal to an airline.  Sometimes.  

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