Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stuck in a Blogging Quagmire

For about an hour this morning, I looked through other blogs in an attempt to make my blog better.  After finding a few interesting blogs, I considered applying to write for a couple of them.  (There are three travel-writing blogs that interest me: Write to Travel,  Written Road, and Vagablogging, although I'm not sure if my travel choices embody the spirit of "vagabonding" because I don't like to travel on a shoestring budget, but I appreciate those who do.)  Then I decided that I need to write for my own blog before I can consider writing for someone else's.  Then I wondered if blogging for another site a couple of times a week will help generate readership for this blog.  I'm in conflict.  It's difficult to blog every day, but I've seen abundant examples from busy people who somehow have the ability to post a few times a week.  I haven't found my focus yet.  I haven't found a schedule.  I still have blog entries sketched out in my notebook about my trip to London, and I returned from there two weeks ago.  Each day I think of ideas for blogging - book reviews, grammar topics, travel topics, Japanese topics, food topics - but I can't seem to publish these ideas.  Despite beating myself up about this, I'm still determined to have a successful blog (or blogs).  By successful, I mean a blog that makes me happy, that I'm contributing to on a daily (or as close to daily as possible) basis, and that people are actually reading and enjoying.  How does that happen?  I plan to find out and make it happen.  Starting today.

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