Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Cat Named Sparrow

Walking back to the hotel from the Karaoke Kan in Roppongi, we spotted a bar called Neko no Shitsupo (Cat's Tail).  Looking into the window of the basement establishment, I found this cute kitten staring at me with wide eyes.  Of course, we had to go inside to pet her!  Going into the bar meant we had to buy a drink (draft beer) and a snack (potatoes and bacon).  When I pet the cat, who was sitting on a table eating grass, I spoke to the woman who eventually cooked our snack. The cat's name is Suzume, which means "sparrow."  Strange name for a cat.  Then again, we're talking about a cat who sits on a table and eats grass.

After eating and playing in the briefcase of another customer, Suzume settled onto a stool at the bar near us, where she took a nap on someone's purse. 

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