Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Forgot About Crazy!

How could I forget to write about the crazy guy who dances at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka? We saw him on the scoreboard several times during the Orix Buffaloes game, and one of the group - I think it was Marc - spotted him in the stands not too far away from us.  LA Jon, who has been giving away Takashi Saito bobbbleheads to people he deems worthy of receiving them - the criteria seems fluid - decided this guy deserved the honor.

Here's part of his routine:

I don't know what text in the top picture means, but the bottom picture, pachi pachi pachi wo shite ne, means beating one's chest, which the guy eventually does.  By the way, shite is pronounced "she-tay," and it means "doing," so don't think I'm printing profanity.  I asked the Japanese guy sitting two seats down from me what pachi pachi pachi meant, and he beat his chest and said, "Pachi pachi pachi."  The Japanese like onomatopoeia.  

So anyway, when LA Jon decided that our crazy fan needed to "win" the Saito bobblehead, I went with him to record the momentous occasion in digital media.

As you can see, our new friend was pleased to receive LA Jon's gesture of goodwill.  He was also impressed that Jon spoke to him in Japanese.  A friend of Mr. Pachi Pachi Pachi told us - in English - that this guy has been going to Buffaloes home games for forty-two years and is a fixture at the stadium.  The fans roared each time they saw him on the scoreboard. 

Here is a shot of LA Jon with Mr. Pachi Pachi Pachi and friends:

JapanBall: Making new friends and bridging the gap between cultures

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