Thursday, September 4, 2008

Japanese Cat of the Day - Hongo, Tokyo

One of the things I look forward to the most with each visit to Japan is having as many cat sightings as possible.  We wasted no time this year: we spotted our first cat on the very first day!  While wandering the streets near our hotel in order to 1) get the lay of the land and 2) keep from crashing into a deep sleep, I spotted the above black-and-white feline grooming himself (herself?) in a bookstore in Hongo.  The cat, perched atop a towel that had been spread out over a wooden crate, was situated near an aisle bursting with bound papers and cardboard boxes.  I was pleased to take a couple of pictures, one featuring the black spot on its chin.  

As Marc and I walked along this street busy with speeding bicyclists and salarymen on the way home from work, every book store we passed - and there were a lot of them - contained shelves spilling forth with textbooks, manuscripts, papers of all kind, reminding me of my mother's laundry room: a fire hazard.

A few blocks down the road I thought I espied yet another cat, but, alas, it was a small human child.  Perhaps I was jetlagged (see previous entry JapanBall 2008: Day 1, Sleep 0).

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