Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Mystery of Mr. Pachi Pachi Solved! (Well, Sort Of. . .)

My Japanese teacher, Kikuchi Sensei, was kind enough to read my blog and offered some help with my entry regarding the crazy baseball fan in Osaka. (See my post from September 10 entitled "I Forgot About Crazy!")

I didn’t know what the phrase that appeared on the scoreboard meant.  Here's the picture:

My sensei told me it refers to a Japanese comic named Kojima Yoshio.  The phrase is sonna no kankei ne wo shite ne, which means "Let's do 'It's None of My Business'," one of Kojima-san's jokes. According to Kikuchi Sensei, the comedian tells stories about unfortunate things that happen to him and ends the stories by saying, "It's none of my business" and doing a fist-pumping, leg-kicking dance. Click here for a link, provided by Kikuchi Sensei, to a You Tube video of one of his little skits.  

Pretty wacky, huh?  I browsed through other videos of Kojima-san, and I think that Speedo is the only bit of clothing he ever wears.  Our crazy Orix Buffaloes fan in Osaka did the same action as Kojima-san, but, thankfully, he did this while remaining clothed.

Anyway, back to my Japanese lesson.  "Pachi Pachi Pachi" is really "Pachi Pachi Panchi" (I overlooked a character, gomennasai).  Here’s a link to Shimaki Johji, a guy who has made a living in Japan by beating his chest.

Special thanks to Kikuchi Sensei for her corrections and insight into Japanese pop culture!

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