Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tokyo Disney at 25: Short Shorts, Tall Boots

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland. Marc and I went to take in the rides and do a lot of people watching. Of course, the food was great, too.  

The Rides:
  • Our first ride of the day was Star Tours, a Star Wars-y motion simulation game.  The ride itself is fun, but I think the best part is the walk through the space center (or whatever it is) to get to the ride.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but the robots are cool.
  • Big Thunder Mountain was a big hit.  There's not as much to look at while waiting in line, but it's a great ride.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, which was closed when we were here last February, was re-opened with updated characters and voices.  The likeness of Captain Jack Sparrow to Johnny Depp's character in the movies was uncanny.  We rode that one twice.  
  • The Haunted Mansion was a disappointment for Marc.  He loved the ride from his childhood visits to Disney World in Orlando.  The Tokyo version is currently re-configured in the theme of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, so Marc spent the ride pointing out what should've been there.  (This fall the Japanese seem to have a fascination with Halloween, which we've not witnessed during the other times we've been to the country.)  I thought the ride was fine, but Marc is a purist and gave it a thumbs down.
  • The spinning tea cups ride - I think it's called Alice's Tea Party - makes it fun to twirl around in circles and get really dizzy.  
  • The best ride by far was Space Mountain, another ride that was closed for maintenance when we visited last year.  It's so scary, and I screamed like a little girl the entire time.  I can't believe I liked it.  It was worth the 90-minute wait.  

The Food:
  • Churros has replaced turkey legs as the Tokyo Disneyland snack of choice.  We still saw a disturbing amount of turkey legs with pink meat being consumed, but churros were everywhere. 
  • Pizza seems to be growing in popularity in Japan.  Marc and I each enjoyed a slice of ham and pineapple pizza.
  • Later in the day we indulged in American junk food:  cheeseburgers and french fries.
The Children: 

I don't even like children, but Japanese babies are so cute!  

This one has his father's hair.

Just like in Orlando, the little girls dress up like Snow White or whatever princess.

The Fashion:

Tokyo Disneyland is a great place to check out the latest fashion trends in Japan.

Japanese girls are wearing short shorts these days.  Really short shorts.  And, as evidenced by the girl on the right, the early-nineties grunge look is making a comeback.

Tokyo Disneyland was crawling with girls wearing tall boots from casual to dressy.  This is at an amusement park, folks.

Animal ears were a popular accessory . . .

. . . even for the park's more mature visitors.

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