Saturday, September 13, 2008

Typhoon Strong, Internet Weak

I'm at a beautiful resort in northern Okinawa. Everything is perfect, except for the lack of Internet in the rooms - I'm using the brutally slow desktop in the hotel lobby - and Typhoon #13, despite being closer to Taiwan than to Okinawa, keeps dumping lots of rain in the area. As I write this, the weather has cleared, and the sun has even made an appearance, but that can change at any moment.

I was hoping to write more about the baseball tour, but that seems impossible right now since this dial-up is stretching a 15-minute e-mail check into about an hour. Oh well, I guess the point is I'm vacationing at a gorgeous resort on a sub-tropical island. I shouldn't want the Internet, right?

I'll post more once I return to mainland Japan. In the meantime, the article I wrote about our trip to Fukuoka to meet Sadaharu Oh has been posted to Click here to read it!

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