Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Tradition

This is the only kind of coffee I'll ever drink:  Irish coffee.  And the only time I drink it is on Christmas Eve at O'Lunney's in Times Square. 

Ordinarily, we avoid Times Square as if it were the plague, especially at Christmastime when it's choked with tourists who apparently have never seen a neon sign.  Yet having a cocktail at this spacious Irish pub has become a Christmas Eve tradition for Marc and me.  

We first discovered this spot while exploring the city in 2000 during our first months in New York.  (It was our first experience with neon, too.)  Months later Marc and I met a friend at O'Lunney's on Christmas Eve, and the tradition was born.  Last night was our ninth visit.

Before our trek to O'Lunney's, Marc and I participated in another of our Christmas Eve traditions: walking around our neighborhood of historic Chelsea.  This year the decorations weren't as festive, but they were still pretty.  I love the old buildings in the area, and seeing them with Christmas lights and wreaths is delightful.

This building is on the corner of 21st Street and 10th Avenue.  It's gorgeous, and the people who live there always do a nice job with their tree (see below).

We felt almost like voyeurs taking this picture.  I hope those folks don't mind us looking in their window, but I'm sure they strategically put their tree in that spot so that we on the outside could enjoy it.

Outdoor retro lights!

A lovely wreath on a building on 22nd Street

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