Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O! Retro Tree!

It's our thinnest tree ever, and it has the fewest lights ever, but we love Retro Tree!  The giant, solid-colored bulbs are a throwback to our '70s childhoods. The ornaments, most of which were purchased over the years at an antiques store on 18th street in New York, add to the retro flavor.  It wasn't a style we considered before the holiday season began; it merely evolved by accident after Marc purchased the skinny tree in New Jersey.  

Here is Retro Tree in the early decorating stages.  It doesn't look like much right now, but have faith!  Marc is the premier tree decorator.  One Christmas Marc put almost thousand lights on our tree, but that tree was much bigger. This year's total tops out around 325.  

As the lights come together, Retro Tree begins to take shape.

Included in the tangle of lights are blue LEDs (energy efficient); clear flashers that Marc ordered from a Chinese website (not at all energy efficient);  and crazy, solid, painted bulbs that scream 1973 (a wasteful drain of this nation's resources).  

Of course, there has to be a Carolina blue bulb!  The ornaments are next!

First, Berkley helps us unwrap the ornaments that were stored in our front hall closet.  How thoughtful.

As mentioned earlier, we've purchased several ornaments at a place near us called Authentiques.  It's been a holiday tradition for Marc and me since we've been in New York.  

Marc's favorites are the old bells.

He loves stars, too.

My personal faves are these little guys, which were actually bought at Bloomingdale's.  They are so cute!

Marc's favorite bells look great amongst the icicles.

The lighting sets the tone.

My Bloomingdale's specials look great, too!

Red Santa and Green Santa are jealous that their tree isn't as nice as ours.  

Since Kathy is a Norwegian Forest Cat (well, she's just a mutt, but she looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat), the cold, winter holiday season is her favorite time of year.  And she loves trees.  And presents.

And here is Retro Tree in all his glory!  We love him!  Merry Christmas, everyone!


Erin said...

Yay for all things retro!

shrinecastle said...

The tree would be even more retro if we had the ultimate in holiday retro material: tinsel. Unfortunately for us, cats + tinsel = intestinal issues!

marc said...

Actually the lights are just made in China. The website to order them from is: www.christmaslightsetc.com

C7 and C9 lights are the best for that retro feel.