Saturday, January 10, 2009

Butter Teeth

I'm irritated.  

An annoying American girl - she looks twelve, but is listed as twenty-two - has taken Japan by storm simply for staring into the camera of her laptop. She goes by the name Magibon.  She's a sensation in Japan for sitting in front of her computer and staring into the camera for a few seconds.  At first glance she does look cute, but after watching an interview of her on Japanese television, I discovered why she doesn't talk much on her YouTube videos.  Yuck!

I'm not the only one who is annoyed or questions her existence in Japan's realm of pop culture.  I like this post from last year on, even though several people commented on the blog entry how intrigued they were by her.  I'm with this post from last April boldly proclaiming that "Magibon is a Fake." Nevertheless, the Japanese love her, and that makes me unnecessarily jealous.  


Anonymous said...

That "Magibon is a fake" video was funny. And why would you be jealous of a nimrod who sits in front of a laptop and stares into a camera. Anyone with opposable thumbs can do that.

thanks for your birthday wish too. :)

shrinecastle said...

I want to be a pop culture idol in Japan and to be adored by millions of Japanese people! But I want them to love me because I'm smart and wonderful, not because I can stare into a camera.

And your REAL birthday is in February; I'll give you appropriate wishes then.

Tammy Holoman said...

Oh, my. She could benefit from some orthodonture.

Anonymous said...

So being adored and worshiped in the United States is not enough for you? Sounds like someone is letting their homegrown fame go to their head. No need to conquer the world my dear.


P.S. We are about to announce tour dates for 2009. Will get you tickets/backstage passes, etc.


Enjoy your vegamite sandwich.

Erin said...

She's a strange one, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

"butter teeth"... lol.