Monday, February 16, 2009

Crisscrossing the Nation for College Hoops - Syracuse, New York

Since returning from Australia, I've been on the road for ESPN in the States, typing graphics for college hoops games.  The first stop was Syracuse, New York, a mere two days after my 20-hour journey from Melbourne. 

Afflicted with severe jetlag, I sleepwalked through Syracuse's 74-61 trouncing of the West Virginia Mountaineers.  (Despite not being 100%, I didn't make any mistakes.)

Since it was 4 degrees outside, I decided to view Syracuse from my hotel room rather than walk around the campus.  Above is the Hall of Languages, home of Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences.  Opened in 1873, it's the school's oldest building.  I was told by my game's producer, a Syracuse grad, that this building is reputed to be the model upon which the Munsters house is based.  I have no idea if there is any truth to that statement.  In the distance the puffy white structure to the right of the second empire-style building is the Carrier Dome, where the football and basketball teams play.  With a capacity of 49,250, it's apparently the fifth-largest domed stadium in the country and the largest on a college campus.

Also from the window of my hotel room, I could see the Romanesque Crouse College, a beautiful red-brick castle constructed in 1889.  It houses Syracuse's College of Visual and Performing Arts and the School of Music.

The trip to Syracuse was a brief stop in a cross-country tour of college towns for ESPN.  The day after the West Virginia/Syracuse game, I flew to the other side of the nation to Spokane, Washington.

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