Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crisscrossing the Nation for College Hoops - Berkeley, California

The curse of ESPN's Saturday Night Prime Time continues.  In anticipation of the game, Cal is no longer ranked, and UCLA lost the weekend before our broadcast.  

This was my first trip to Berkeley, a funky-cool hippie stronghold. Telegraph Avenue reminded me of Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, but with street vendors and smoke shops.  Beard Papa's is there!  When I saw it, I just had to buy half a dozen cream puffs!  (Don't worry, I'm not that much of  a pig; I ate half of one and gave the rest to co-workers.)

We stayed at a marina, which was a lovely setting.  Here is Berkeley from my hotel window:

The rooms were a little run down and motel-ish, but I can't deny that the location and scenery were special.  The weather was warm and a mix of overcast and sunny skies.  

I took this shot of the marina on the walk from my room to the hotel's restaurant where I ate breakfast.  The previous night I had dinner at Spenger's Fresh Fish Grotto, a McCormick & Schmick's property. Delicious Atlantic salmon stuffed with crab, shrimp, and brie.  Wow.  Very yummy.

The game itself was actually better than expected.  I thought it would be a UCLA blowout - we're good for those on the Saturday night show - but it was actually a tightly contested, back-and-forth affair that went down to the wire. UCLA prevailed 72-68, but Cal gave them all they could handle.  

With this game done I had one more remaining for this particular crew.  It was nice being on the West Coast with no snow or freezing temperatures.  That was on its way to the east and would make the commute to my next work assignment fairly interesting.

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What's a "smoke shop?" Not sure what that is.