Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comments Regarding "My Two Left Boots"

I donned my Wellies last Wednesday.  Rain was in the forecast, so I just had to wear them!  Several people at work (at Yankee Stadium) thought they were cute.  Even a girl on the 1 train remarked that she loved my boots and that "they're fun."  Yay!

Such reactions have led me to believe that I made a successful purchase with my choice of rain boots.  A friend posted a comment on this blog asking if my boots "were made for walking," but I'm going to ignore his silliness.  My husband said that the link I put in my original post about Wellies simply went to a photo (intentional) but didn't exactly explain what Wellies are (unintentional).  Named after the first Duke of Wellington, these boots have been around for a long time.  Here's a link to the history.  

I also received a comment from my friend LA Jon, who said the boots would "go over well in Tokyo."  He's right!  They'd be perfect in Tokyo!  My husband and I met LA Jon in Japan when we took the JapanBall tour last September.  Reading his comment made me think back to last year's trip and look forward to this year's tour.  Yes! I'm returning to Japan for another week of Japanese baseball.  You should join me!  Ikimashou! (Let's go!)


marc said...

Thanks for the explanation!

Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't give my comment the boot.

I can go all day with this. ;)


p.s. how weird that the verification word is "swine" (seriously).

Going to go wash my hands now.