Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adopt Peachy!

This is Peachy, an 11-week-old baby girl who is currently residing at our vet, West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital in New York City. Look at how sweet she is! Don't you love her? Don't you want to rush down to West Chelsea and adopt her?

West Chelsea takes in kitties of all ages and types, cleans them up, gives them checkups and vaccines, and puts them on display in their "cat adoption condos" in the lobby. I saw Peachy there on two different occasions, most recently on Friday. She is very sweet, and I love her! Having two aging cats of our own prevents us from adding to our collection of felines. (But guarantees that we're at West Chelsea at least twice a month for a variety of cat ailments.)

Look at this little baby! I know you want to have a sweet little kitten of your very own. Go to West Chelsea and adopt her! I command you!

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