Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bento Revolution

Check out the July issue of Chopsticks NY, out this Friday, June 26, at a Japanese restaurant or grocery store near you. (If you live in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, that is. And D.C.)

In this issue I wrote an "advertorial" about Fuji Catering, a bento company. I'm not talking about the personal database from FileMaker; I'm talking about a traditional, healthy Japanese lunch. Fuji Catering has plenty of New York-based Japanese customers, but the company is looking to expand its market deeper into New York's corporate offices and build up a non-Japanese client base.

Take a look at a couple of bento choices made by Fuji Catering:

Most bento have a large portion of rice, but this one has noodles. Of course, no bento is completely without rice; note the onigiri in the top right compartment. The top left compartment contains chicken karaage, or fried chicken nuggets. Pickled vegetables, spinach, little sausages, and a croquette round out the meal. Pretty impressive for $6.50, right?

I ate this bento, and it was absolutely delicious. As you can see, there is a hefty portion of rice with an ume (pickled plum) in the center. The teriyaki salmon (bottom right) was succulent, as was the sukiyaki (top right) with generous chunks of tofu and carrots. The hijiki (top left) is a great source of calcium.

If I could, I would order a bento from Fuji Catering every day. Alas, the company delivers to corporate accounts only. :(

It was a pleasure for me to work on this story, and I really want Fuji Catering to succeed. Pick up a copy of Chopsticks NY, read about bento, and get everyone in your office to order a bento for lunch!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like some great food to have around the house on a weekend night, when you suddenly get a case of the munchies.