Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Colonel Sparks My Memory

Browsing through TOKYOMANGO, one of the blogs I follow, I found this little blurb about a statue of KFC's Colonel Sanders that was stolen from a KFC storefront in Osaka, Japan. The statue resurfaced twenty years later. Reading the story reminded me of a little article I wrote about how the Japanese were duped into thinking that ordering fried chicken was a Christmas tradition in the U.S. The website was the now-defunct (I think), a site dedicated to all things Okinawan. I wrote three stories for them in 2003-2004, and my husband recovered them through some website that does such things. (I have no idea what the website is.) Anyway, I now have these stories that I had forgotten about long ago, thanks to TOKYOMANGO! I'm going to post these stories, but I have to read them first. The probability of them being terrible is high.

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Marc said...

This is a great resource.