Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waking Up to a Sweet Kitty Moment

Normally my younger cat, Berkley, a feisty calico, sleeps on my neck or in the general area. She tries to take over my space in the bed. One morning last week, however, I awoke to find that Berkley was not in her usual spot. This made me sad. Why wasn't she sleeping near me? I sat up in our platform bed and saw her sleeping on the wood frame that encircles it.

Aww! She's so sweet! It melted my heart to see her sleeping like this. I took this picture right away and e-mailed it to my husband, who was on a business trip.

Aww! I could just eat her with a spoon! Berkley can be mean and demanding, but when she's like this, she's the cutest cat in the world. This is the reason why one of our vets says that she wants to "squish her and hug her."


Anonymous said...

Great pic. Maybe she just wanted a cooler spot to sleep on.


shrinecastle said...

Or maybe she like the texture.

Marc said...

I love these pictures!