Thursday, October 1, 2009

Combining Functionality with Japanese Cute

Cube Gum

Ever find yourself annoyed when the gum you've been chewing has lost its flavor, but you can't find anything - scrap of paper, Kleenex, trash can - into which you can deposit it? Or you spit it in whatever scrap of paper you hastily find in your purse or pocket, only to discover later that what you thought was a scrap was actually an important document? The folks at Lotte have found a solution: Cube!

Cube's packaging comes with a small pad of post-it notes you can use to dispose of the adorable little cubes of gum once the chewiness has diminished. Great idea. (I know this gum can be purchased at Asian food markets in the US, but I thought it was cool that I bought it in Tokyo.)

Here's a commercial for Cube that I found on YouTube. It features KAT-TUN, one of the myriad boy bands that saturate the Japanese airwaves.

Binder Ball

In this digital age of iPhones and PDAs, we still find the need to put pen to paper and jot down notes and ideas, grocery and to-do lists, and perhaps even someone's phone number. Sometimes toting a big notebook around isn't feasible, and pens are easily lost. The solution: The Binder Ball Memo Set!

A clamp much like what you'll find at the top of a clipboard is affixed to the side of a small pad of paper. Attached to the clamp is a thin ballpoint pen that you use to write on the notepad.

It may seem strange at first to write with a clipboard clamp, but it feels like a real pen. Ingenious! Because Binder Ball binds your ballpoint pen to your paper, note-taking opportunities are always close at hand.

Animal Design Cord Wrapping

Has your office space been attacked by a nest of cords from all of your electronics? The solution: Animal Design Cord Wrapping!

Simply wrap the unruly cables around these animal-shaped sponges to tidy up your area. Yes, sponges shaped like animals.

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