Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Timbre of Everyday Life

As I perused TOKYOMANGO, Lisa Katayama's blog about cute and quirky things about Japan and Japanese technology, I saw her post about a music video by the Japanese band Sour. I'd never heard of this band, nor had I seen the video, before this morning, but I've decided that I love them both. The video is for the song "Hibi no Neiro," which translates to "the timbre (or tone) of everyday life."

I'm a little late to the party: Their EP was released in June, and the video has had more that one million hits. What makes this video so special? It's made up of shots from fans on their webcams, and their actions are synchronized to create special images. (Think halftime at a college football game where everyone holds up signs that look like plain colored pieces of laminated paper but together spell out "Go Heels!" or something to that effect, then remember that these fans are sitting in front of their computers and are from all over the world.)

Check out the video and love it! (I'm sure my editor husband has a technological explanation for how this was done.)

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Daniel said...

I love that video (and the song)!

Totally forgot to look for their album when I was in Japan...