Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gifts I Wanted (But Didn't Receive)

The presents have been opened, and now it's time to assess the gifts that I wanted but didn't receive.

Snuggie - The blanket with arms has swept the nation, and once again I'm left behind. I was eyeing the one with the leopard pattern.

The Walking Sleeping Bag - I can live without a Snuggie. I've resigned myself to that fact. Then I saw this amazing Snuggie-esque garment from Japan. It's a sleeping bag that has legs so you can get up and walk around without having to wriggle out of the warmth of the bag. Brilliant! I didn't get that for Christmas, either.

Twin Draft Guard - Another amazing gift that I didn't get is the Twin Draft Guard. You've seen it on TV: The ingenious design that blocks air from seeping through your doors and windows. At first I was upset that it wasn't under my tree, but then I realized that I could make one out of styrofoam and any old piece of fabric. I also realized that we live in an apartment building, and our door doesn't open to the outside elements, so we don't have a problem with drafts.

ShamWow - I know. The rest of you are upset that no one gave you one of these things either. The amazing sponge-towel-thing should be a mainstay in everyone's kitchen. Or bathroom. Or anywhere you or guests spill something. Guess I'll just continue using paper towels or regular towels. That seems to work.

Crazy Kitchen Gadgets - Thought I would lose it when I opened all of my gifts only to realize that no one bought me a Grill Daddy Pro! The infomercials are mesmerizing. Wait. I don't have a grill. And the Nana Saver! Who doesn't need one of those! Well, Santa did give us something in the crazy kitchen gadget category: A sandwich maker by Cooks. Christmas Day brunch consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches made on this contraption. The bread didn't get a crispy brown texture, but the cheese melted nicely. Not sure if we like it yet.

Despite these shortcomings with a few gifts, I had a great Christmas! Hope everyone did, too!

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