Monday, December 21, 2009

Have an Eco-Trash Christmas in New York City!

Here's another reason to hang out in Chelsea during the holidays: Chelsea Market's Eco-Trash Christmas! The super-hip Chelsea Market, a chic strip of restaurants and shops housed in the former Nabisco building, is going green for the holidays.

The market called on the talents of environmental artist Tom Deininger and Los Angeles-based corporate consulting firm Creative Voltage to design eco-friendly decorations. The result is "eco-trash;" everything was created from recycled materials.

The globes hanging from the ceiling are made from used plastic cups.

The clear and red cups combine to create an other-worldly orb.

This lovely wreath is made from recycled CDs.

The hustle and bustle of Chelsea Market during the holidays can leave everything in a blur.

But when the crowd clears, you can see the beautiful Christmas tree, which, like the wreath, is made from discarded disks.

Up close, you can see the bits and pieces of the CDs that created this tree.

The menorah to the left of the Christmas tree is made from used pipes.

My personal favorite, the used plastic-utensil snowflake.

In a nod to its non-eco-friendly tradition, Chelsea Market continues to string thousands of lights through its central corridor. Guys, LEDs are more energy efficient.

The wires are green in color, at least.

Perhaps next Christmas we'll all follow Chelsea Market's lead and fashion our trees from broken CDs – and with iTunes and Pandora, who buys CDs anymore? – and snowflakes made of plastic forks.

Merry green Christmas!


Jim Barton said...

I wonder what they do with the decorations after the holidays? I'm guessing they end up in a dumpster somewhere when no one is looking.

shrinecastle said...

Jim, that's a good point. I'll ask around and find out the answer because I'm curious as well.

shrinecastle said...

Jim, you'll be happy to know that the eco-trash Christmas decorations at Chelsea Market will not end up in a dumpster once the holidays are done! I spoke with someone in their management office who told me that all of the decorations will be packed up and stored in the basement. They plan to re-use them next year. So, they're recycling their recycled stuff.