Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reflecting on Japanese Baseball

I joined LinkedIn a long time ago, and I used to wonder what it would do for me. I connected to a few friends and colleagues, but didn't actually keep in touch. I joined groups, but never participated in any discussions. Basically, I thought that someone would suddenly discover me, think I was wonderful, and offer me a six-figure advance to write the next great novel.

In fact, I would have forgotten I had a profile on LinkedIn had it not been for the frequent updates from the Baseball Industry Network. Two such updates asked for members' Twitter account names and the addresses of our favorite baseball blogs. After ignoring most of these posts, I finally decided that it wouldn't hurt to respond. I gave my Twitter account (@SusanHamaker), my favorite blogs about baseball (NPB Tracker, Yakyu Baka, and My World of Baseball), and mentioned that I occasionally write about Japanese baseball on this blog.

Within hours of posting this, I received a message from Peter Schiller, the owner of the website Baseball Reflections, asking if I would like to contribute a monthly article about Japanese baseball. Of course, I did. Here is my first installment, an introduction to how I became a fan of baseball in Japan.

Shrine to baseball next to Koshien Stadium, Osaka, Japan

The moral of the story: If you're going to become involved in something, become involved in it. It's not what LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter does for you, but how you participate in those things that will give you results. It may take a while, but if you define your goals and are persistent in achieving them, eventually someone will take notice.

The sun sets over Koshien Stadium, Osaka, Japan.

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