Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've Been Linked!

I love shameless self-promotion.

A couple of prominent blogs dedicated to the New York Mets linked to my story about Bobby Valentine. I'm thrilled!

Take a look at a screen shot of the chart showing how many people viewed my blog as a result of the links:

MetsBlog.com is run by professional blogger Matt Cerrone, who also presents video content for SNY, the television network that broadcasts the Mets games. Cerrone posted a quote about the possible return of Bobby V. as the Mets' manager. The other website that linked to my wrap up of Bobby V.'s visit to the Japan Society was Amazin' Avenue, an unofficial blog about the Mets. Blogger Joe Budd linked to my blog entry and simply said, "Let the Bobby Valentine speculation begin once again."

I'm excited that these links prompted hundreds of unique viewers to shrinecastle, but I realize it's because people are more interested in Bobby V., as evidenced by the graph below:

In other blog news . . .
On the travel blog Upgrade: Travel Better, a person by the handle of RLee commented by posting a link to my most recent blog post about Nyaran, my new favorite commercial cat! Upgrade's Mark Ashley asked for help in translating Nyaran's commercial for Jalan, a Japanese travel company. RLee was kind enough to say that my blog post offers a good explanation for the cat's name. Thanks to RLee and Mark Ashley for finding this blog post!


Marc said...

You're also getting traffic from a link to your Bobby V. story over at "The Kranepool Society" blog.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Susan. Way to go. My new album will be out this year as well.

D. Fagen

shrinecastle said...

Thanks for forwarding the Kranepool Society link. It's amazing how one quote has caused so much speculation among Mets fans.

D. Fagen,
Thanks for the encouragement. I thought you were too old make albums.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too old for anything. I appreciate the sarcastic wit. Obviously you are a huge fan.


shrinecastle said...

Not a fan, but I'm happy you read my blog. I appreciate the support!