Monday, February 8, 2010

Nyaran Update: No More Nikukyu Manju!

My friend Kubota-san in Japan informed me that the sale of nikukyu manju have been temporarily discontinued! If you recall Nyaran, my new favorite Japanese commercial character, nikukyu manju is the product he sells during his business trip. Kubota-san was surprised to discover that it is an actual product. Clicking the link on the manju page takes you to, where people once placed orders. Unfortunately, demand seems to be greater than supply. Kubota-san was kind enough to translate Jalan's statement for me:

"We can't keep up with production of Nyaran Nikukyu Manju because the demand is so high. We apologize for the trouble and thank you for your patience."

This upsets me because I wanted to order some! (Even though I didn't know nikukyu manju existed outside Jalan's commercials.) Anyway, "temporarily" implies that one day nikukyu manju will return, and I look forward to it. Maybe I'll find them when I return to Japan in September for JapanBall . . .


Marc said...

Thanks to Kubota-san for the update!

mkhs said...

Marc, C U in Vegas. -mk