Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hard Liquor, Nerds, and Hamsters Were Cool Last Week

Way behind on the Weekly Roundup. I know you've been waiting for it!

Awamori on the Mainland
I always think it's cool when I find a story about Okinawa that doesn't involve the U.S. military.
In recent years it's been easier to find Okinawan restaurants in mainland Japan, namely in Tokyo. I attribute it to the fact that the Japanese are finally realizing what a treasure they have in the Ryukyu Islands. Here's a story about awamori, the strong rice whiskey from Okinawa, that appeared on

A New Take on "Nerd"
The Japan Society of New York posted this link from to its Facebook fan page. It's the story of the author's quest to encourage his young son (who is an absolute cutie pie) to become a nerd. My favorite part is his definition of nerd: "Someone who has in-depth knowledge on a topic." In some form, we're all nerds. Some of us are nerds in more than one category. Some of us are only half-nerds because our knowledge isn't as in-depth as it could or should be. I like that. The article is riddled with grammatical errors, but it is touching and heartfelt. I guess I can overlook subject-verb disagreement for that. This time. I also like the fact that he lives in Japan (Osaka, one of my favorite cities) and seeks out nerdy things to do there.

Hamster Lego Project
Oh, Japan Probe, what would I do without you? Last week you showed me a cool story about a contest to build the best hamster wheel out of Legos. Unfortunately, the video was taken off the site for copyright purposes, but it's still cool.

ESPN's New Score "Bug" Reminds My Husband of Japanese Baseball
Our TV was randomly set to ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. (I put it there for Braves vs Mets.) My husband happened to notice the new score "bug" in the bottom-right corner of the screen and remarked that it looked like the same bug as televised baseball games in Japan. His review: Big thumbs up! Having the "B" for balls and "S" for strikes makes it easier for my husband to understand baseball in North America. Yay!

I'd love to post pictures of all of these cool stories, but Blogger changed how pictures are imported, and I can't figure it out. I'll work on it in the morning. Maybe.


Daniel said...

Better awamori than goya ( I remember eating a beef dish in a Chinese restaurant in Okinawa that was served with goya too. It's supposedly an acquired taste, but I'm not sure I want to acquire it.

I read Kotaku regularly and I remember that article. It's always interesting to see different aspects of my life intersecting.

shrinecastle said...

Goya is delicious! You need to have a more open mind toward it. :)