Monday, April 19, 2010

This Is Decidedly NOT Cool!

Magibon is on the big screen at Akihabara! She's staring and saying a rehearsed Japanese line. (She probably doesn't even know what it means.)

Last January I wrote a blog entry about this American girl who calls herself Magibon. She stares into her computer's camera for minutes on end and, well, that's it. That's all she does. Yet she's a sensation in Japan.

Now I see this report on TokyoMango that she's on the big screen in Akihabara, Tokyo's neighborhood for electronics and anime fans. I can tell she's desperately trying to keep her mangled teeth from showing. (Yes, that's a terrible thing for me to say, but I can't help it!)

One of the comments posted on TokyoMango in response to the Magibon story echos by sentiments exactly:

"I realize that a lot of my resentment for her stems from jealousy, in that fickle Japan has not decided to make me their "next big thing," but I think that resentment is well-justified in that she really brings nothing to the table. If she has any talent, she is not presenting them in any of her videos. She doesn't sing, dance or act, she doesn't speak Japanese (except for a few well-rehearsed lines), and she isn't even all that cute. This makes the fact that they have chosen her to win the gaijin favor lottery that much more grating."

It's crazy for me to be jealous of a talentless twenty-something, but I'm like the person from the above quote. I'm upset because Japan has chosen Magibon and not me to be "the next big thing." What's Magibon's appeal? She looks a little like Peko chan, the mascot of Japanese confectioner Fujiya

Here's Peko chan. 
from Flickr user Kawaii Japan

Here's Magibon sitting in front of her computer.
from an article on 

She may look cute in this photo, but check out how she really looks.

Okay, I'll stop making fun of the girl. This picture certainly makes me appreciate the braces I wore during my pre-teen years. 

I won't be bitter. I'll continue to love Japan. And one day, Japan will love me, too.


Tammy H. said...

Yeesh! As far as I'm concerned, you are the next big thing :) They just don't know it yet.

shrinecastle said...

Thanks, Tammy. One day they will know it!

Marc said...

Very funny post... Mean, but funny

VENUS said...

Wow I just don't get why ppl would enjoy someone who just stares into the TV and not DO anything...I don't get it. Then again, I don't get a lot of the Japanese trendy things going on...I guess that they choose her because of her pretty big brown eyes. They are lovely. Yet in the other picture, you don't notice only notice her mangled teeth. How she hid that on screen is a mystery because WOW she needs to take care of that!

Again, I just don't get it :-)

shrinecastle said...

I don't get it, either! She does have pretty eyes, I'll give her that. Actually, I should respect her because she famous for doing nothing, and she doesn't work nearly as hard as we do! Lol

Anonymous said...

Magibon has people watching her because she is extraordinarily beautiful. If she didn't have something special about her, nobody would care. She doesn't need any extra talent to make it fair for everyone else. She is gorgeous in an uncommon way. That's enough.