Thursday, June 10, 2010

Could You Hide From a Stalker If You Were a Vending Machine?

I know this story came out three years ago, but old news is still fun news. Plus, this story is crazy enough to mention. My friend David sent me a link to a story about a skirt that will transform the wearer into a Coca Cola vending machine.

Japan has a long-time problem with gropers and stalkers, so clothing designer Aya Tsukioka created the skirt to ward off potential evil doers if a woman fears she's in danger. Simply run to a corner next to the ever-present Japanese vending machines, pull up the skirt, and voila! The once frightened woman is now a soda dispenser. (I wonder why she chose Coke instead of something Japanese, like Boss Coffee?)

Okay. The design is somewhat flawed. True, there aren't many vending machines out there that have feet. But it's a great example of ingenuity, isn't it?

Photo: Torin Boyd/Polaris, for The New York Times

Can you tell which vending machine is actually a woman hiding from a potentially harmful creepy person? Yes, I thought you could.

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Ana Maria said...

Not sure this would work here in NYC...esp. the subways LOL