Friday, August 20, 2010

For the Love of Berkley

When our vet, West Chelsea Veterinary, started a Facebook page, I became a fan. In addition to posting tips for taking better care of our pets, West Chelsea also has a feature called "Pet of the Week." Fans send in pictures of their furry friends in the hopes that one day their pets will be chosen for the honor.

Of course, I sent in a picture of my cat, Berkley. For weeks I checked West Chelsea's Facebook page looking for Berkley's picture, but I saw a string of other people's pets instead. While I felt happy for the cute and deserving cats and dogs, I was slightly jealous that Berkley wasn't on the page. Until now. Today Berkley was named West Chelsea's Pet of the Week!

From the Facebook fan page of West Chelsea Veterinary:

Meet Berkley Hamaker! She's our "Pet of the Week." Her parents, Marc and Susan tell us the 15-year-old calico was rescued from a shelter in Richmond, VA. For more than 10 years, Berkley has been seeing the vets at West Chelsea, where she has a bit of a reputation. When they see her name on the schedule, the staff braces themselves and anticipate bad behavior. The gloves come out, and they wrap Berkley in a towel so she won't attack during her exam. She growls, she hisses, and she's even been known to bite. 

But look at that face! Marc and Susan say at home she's as sweet as can be. She cuddles in bed, curls up in the path of a sunbeam, and enjoys playing with ribbon. She brings great joy to her parents! Congrats Berkley!

The even put her on the marquee:

Berkley hasn't let this accolade go to her head. She's the same cat she's always been. As a reward, I gave her extra food this morning. Congratulations, Berkley Elizabeth McCormac Hamaker!

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