Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nightmare on 22nd Street

Jack o' Lanterns

Just as we love walking around our neighborhood looking at Christmas decorations, my husband and I enjoyed seeing this year's Halloween displays. We have some creative neighbors.

What a tangled web we weave

For a day the normally stately historic buildings took on the look of haunted houses. Local residents carved pumpkins and lined the sidewalks with spider webs.


Bats and rats and creepy hands and eyeballs surrounded the houses. Witches and skeletons frightened young and old alike.

Treasure chest

Some neighbors went all-out to create the ultimate Halloween setting.

More artistic carvings

These suspicious pumpkins were found near a crime scene. It's a rough neighborhood.

CSI New York

Props were key. Bats are cute when they're tiny and sleeping upside down in a cave far, far away, but there's something unnerving about a giant bat hovering above the sidewalk.

Abracadabra, I'm a vampire!

One neighbor took his decorations to the next level. Bats and rats weren't good enough; this prop was human.

The dry ice is a nice touch

Must be hard to nap with a bunch of trick or treaters constantly begging for candy

Even pets were intrigued by the Halloween decorations. This dog wanted to get closer to the green guy in the yard.

The cool thing about walking around New York City on Halloween is that you can play the "Costume? Not a Costume?" game. Look at a random pedestrian and try to determine if his get-up is for a Halloween party, or if he's just a weirdo who dresses like that all the time. Chances are, it's not a costume.

Costume or Not a Costume?
Happy Halloween!

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