Monday, October 11, 2010

Posts and Retweets about NYAF and NYCC

Thanks to my friend May S. Young, a graphic designer and the Asian Pop Culture Examiner for, Jake Adelstein tweeted a link to my examiner story about Day 2 of the New York Anime Festival and New York Comic Con. Adelstein, who was a crime reporter for the Yomiuri Shinbun, is the author of Tokyo Vice and the Editor-in-chief of the Japan Subculture Research Center. Thanks, May!

Jake Adelstein
 and X-Japan! Stan Lee to make "motion comic" with Yoshiki aka Yoskashi! via @
The music blog BrooklynVegan included a quote from my blog entry about the Far East to East Showcase panel discussion. Check out the link and Chris La Putt's fantastic photos here. Thanks, BrooklynVegan!
Here are a few blog posts about NYAF and NYCC that I found interesting:
  • On the site Japinator is a review of a panel that was my personal favorite: Death in Japanese culture and how it is represented in anime and manga.
  • New York-based Harajuku-style clothing store Tokyo Rebel's entry: I liked their practical reasoning for not having a booth this year and that they were there checking out the scene.
  • Although I'm not a "Visual Kei Freakazoid" like Denni MaBelle is, I can relate to the way in which she prepared for NYAF. I wonder if she made it to all of the booths and events she wanted to see.
Here's a video from Cosplay In America, who was at the convention to sell his book of the same name.

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