Thursday, October 14, 2010

Regi Counter Cat = Immoveable Object

One of my favorite Japanese TV shows is Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei. Nani Kore means "What's that?" The hosts show a panel of celebrities videos about strange happenings and unusual places all over the world. After seeing the clips, the celebrities judge whether or not they think the purported phenomena were interesting. The best episodes involve animals. These animals have interesting facial features, such as eyebrows, or they have special powers, such as smiling.

Because we can't watch the show in the States, we're lucky Japan Probe often posts hilarious animal clips from Nani Kore. Here's a recent one that caught my attention:

really lazy cat
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I love Regi Counter Neko! He (well, it's probably a "she" since its name is Princess and the name was typed in a pink font) gets annoyed – no, offended – when he was moved around to accommodate customers. I love it!

That kind of behavior is typical of cats and reminds me of my own ugokanai neko (cat who won't move).

Here's Berkley reviewing a few documents.

Berkley occasionally has issues with the mouse moving into her personal space.

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