Thursday, October 14, 2010

"So, How Was Your Con?" - Impressions of NYAF/NYCC

When I ran into my young friend Daven Peng and his fantastic hair on the final day of the New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con on Sunday, he asked, "So, how was your con?" Knowing this was my first time at a convention of this nature – spending two hours on the last day of NYAF last year doesn't count – he wanted to know what I thought of it all. I actually liked it.

To read about what I saw and did, check out my NYAF/NYCC Day 1 Recap, Cosplaying, Fan Girls, and an Atypical Collaboration at NYAF/NYCC, and Wrapping up the NY Anime Festival and NY Comic Con on

NYAF's little corner of the Javits Center.

When nerds have children.

Guy dressed (or undressed) as the Old Spice Guy. Does that count as cosplay?

Even among tens of thousands of people, volunteers can get lonely.

I know a few kimono stylists who can help.

I eat that stuff. Does that make me an otaku?

There were a few girls in sleek costumes.

I wonder if he reads Japanese.

Otaku love.

Welcome to Japan!

Crash Bandicoot and that other one.

Rough day at school.

I was told by Eric from Long Island that, even though he's not into anime like this one, this is actually a good anime.

Cute toys.

Safety in numbers.

Cool Gundam section.

Gundam robot. Or mecha.


I know my focus was on Japanese things, but I couldn't help but notice that Superman has let himself go a little.

Engulfed by Chewbacca

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