Friday, December 3, 2010

The Best Episode of "Shimura Zoo" I've Ever Seen!

Thanks to Japan Probe, I was able to watch a snippet from Shimura Zoo, and this is by far my favorite. Pan-kun, everyone's favorite overall-wearing chimpanzee, visits a petting zoo with James, his bulldog sidekick.

Several things make this episode especially enjoyable for me:

  • Flashbacks to an earlier show where Pan-kun visits the same petting zoo, and is scared of the large animals (He was so young then!)
  • Pan-kun's posture when he encounters strange animals
  • Pan-kun's use of a digital camera (He somehow manages to take a few good shots with it.)
  • The scene with James and the bull
  • My introduction to the Binturong, or bearcat (I know it's the mascot of the University of Cincinnati, but I've actually never seen one. For years, I thought it was a fictional character.)
  • The sound effects and graphics (They made laugh AND appreciate that I don't edit this show.)
Enjoy the clip!

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