Friday, December 31, 2010

Shrinecastle 2010 Year in Review

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Somehow it became December 31, 2010, which means it’s the time to reflect on what happened this busy and productive year before looking forward to what 2011 will bring. When I think of 2010, I think about all of the great events I attended, the new friends I made, and the worthwhile connections I created within the Japanese community here in New York. All of these things helped contribute to my writing and helped me shape this blog.

The above chart shows some of the most popular stories that you’ve read on Shrinecastle this year. Highlights include my year-long education in anime, manga, and the otaku subculture in NYC. Meeting singers who dress as maids, witnessing film screenings at which directors wore sumo garb, and attending the New York Anime Festival are among my most memorable experiences. These events translated into the stories you read the most.

By far the story from this blog that caused the biggest buzz was about Bobby Valentine and his talk at the Japan Society. I inadvertently started a rumor that Bobby V. would be willing to manage the Mets again when I included this quote: "It's not as though you don't go back to the girl that dumped you, but it takes a little while, it takes a little convincing . . ." A couple of Mets blogs linked to Shrinecastle, and the message boards lit up! (All attempts to reach Bobby V. for comment were unsuccessful.)

Looking at the stats, I average around 25 unique visitors each day. I’m not setting the world on fire, but I am reaching a few people with this labor of love. The chart below shows that readership increased toward the end of the year, even without Bobby V.'s help!

This year provided me with the opportunity to focus on Shrinecastle and create content that interests readers. I expect bigger and better things for 2011, and I am excited about the new opportunities that are before me.

Happy New Year! Or, as they say in Japan, 明けましておめでとうございます。

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