Saturday, January 1, 2011

How I'm Contributing to Nengajou Disappointment

Today is January 1, 2011. New Year's Day. I'm preparing to write nengajou to my friends and family in Japan. I'm a little behind, as nengajou are supposed to arrive on New Year's Day, not be sent on some random time after the fact. According to the website What Japan Thinks, I'm committing the fifth most disappointing nengajou act in the eyes of the Japanese.

The Number 1 complaint is that the recipient's name is misspelled, something I would never do. Here is list, ranked from 1 to 20.

goo ranking on

Numbers 3 and 7 seem particularly bad since nengajou are generally customized to include the zodiac sign of the New Year.
For instance, it's 2011, the Year of the Rabbit; therefore, one shouldn't send a card emblazoned with a tiger, last year's animal.

Number 11 is significant in Japanese culture.
If someone loses a close family member during the year, that person usually doesn't send or receive New Year's postcards.

I'm guilty of Number 13.
Now I know that if I make a mistake, I should toss the card and start fresh.

I am the opposite of Number 16.
The reason it takes me forever to complete Christmas and New Year's cards is because I'm all about hand-written messages.

Numbers 8 and 19 are things I hate about Christmas cards I receive from some of my American friends.
They shall remain nameless.

Number 20 is bad?
Hmmm. Guess I'll return that bunny suit.

Look at this blog I found by a New Zealander named Alessandra Zecchini. She posted this entry on December 8, so she's organized. She has stamps of the Chinese zodiac! She even made labels for her Christmas presents with her bunny stamps. I need to be as proactive as Alessandra Zecchini. Next year (or at the end of this one), I'll have stamps and card stock ready by the first of December so I won't commit Number 5 on the goo ranking again.

Before I can think about next year's nengajou, I need to get to do this year's. Hmm, maybe instead of hand-writing them, I'll break with tradition and send this pre-made Pan-kun nengajou.

What do you think?

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