Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Be Less Like Berkley

Happy New Year everyone! I've decided not to make resolutions for 2011; I'm going to set goals instead. Things such as write every day, launch a website (more on that later), and lose the obligatory 15 pounds are on the agenda. Okay, so they sound like resolutions, but anyway. If I were to make a concrete resolution, however, it would be to act less like Berkley, my beloved, albeit sedentary, cat.

My husband ran the numbers on Berkley's day-to-day activities, and here are the results.

Like most cats, Berkley spends the majority of her time sleeping, as the chart above clearly indicates. While most cats are asleep an average of two thirds of a day, Berkley's numbers are approaching three quarters.

So what does Berkley do when she's not sleeping? We did an analysis of that as well, and the findings are not surprising. Eating leads the list, while bathing and thinking about sleeping were evenly matched. If Berkley wants to lose some weight – although she has not stated any specific goals for 2011 – she should spend a little more than 2% of her waking moments chasing her ribbon

Time to start working on my goals, and you should work on yours. And if your goals are in line with Berkley's, you should already be napping.

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