Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Loud Typist Will Never Own a Quiet Keyboard Cover

There are a few people with whom I work who call me "Hammer," partly because my last name is Hamaker, partly because everyone in the TV business seems to have a nickname, but mostly because I'm a loud typist. I hammer away at the keys on the keyboard as I type graphics, e-mails, blog entries, articles, whatever. So when my husband sent me the link to a story on Weird Asia News about a "Quiet Keyboard Cover," my first reaction was to recoil in horror! 

I mean, just look at it!


There's no way I would ever type on something that made the keys quieter when struck. This contraption is made by Japanese manufacturer Thanko. Apparently, these guys make all kinds of weird things, as evidenced here at, a blog which shouldn't be confused with travel giant Lonely Planet. (During a Google search of Thanko, I also found this site, based in Nanjing, China, which appears to be slightly different.)

Now look at my personal keyboard at home:

My personal Loud Keyboard

It's beautiful. And loud. The clank of the keys is soothing.

While I would never consider using the Quiet Keyboard Cover, I might be talked into purchasing Thanko's mouse pad cover.



Isn't this beyond cute? It would look great on my desk. However, someone might object . . .

Berkley rules the desk

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