Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fly Fishing: Sushi on the Road

I realized that I hadn't been through Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in a little while when I walked through last Friday and discovered that an area once littered with wobbly tables and a hot dog cart is now occupied by a swanky-looking seafood and sushi establishment.

You can have fish for breakfast at the airport in Chicago.

It was around 8:00 a.m., and I had a little time between flights, so I thought breakfast time was the perfect time to have sushi. I didn't actually eat fish for breakfast, although I love doing that in Japan. Instead I had inari zushi (sushi rice encased in a soybean pouch) and futomaki (a veggie roll that also contained tamago, an egg omelet).

Futomaki (left) and inari zushi

I was on my way to Lawrence, Kansas, to work the Kansas State/Kansas men's basketball game. Lawrence, home of the University of Kansas, is practically at the very center of the United States.

"A" marks the spot of Lawrence, Kansas (Google Maps)

Imagine my surprise when my co-workers suggest, in the middle of Livestock Nation, that we have sushi for dinner that night.

Wa, a sushi restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas

The name of the place is Wa, which is the Japanese word for "harmony." The six of us ordered a little bit of sashimi and tons of rolls, which arrived on the standard giant sushi boat. (I forgot to take a picture of it, but there's one in this 2009 review of the place.) It wasn't fancy, but the rolls were excellent. The only issue we had was with the salmon sashimi, which was practically frozen in the center, but we had that replaced without a problem. A couple of bottles of cold sake topped off the meal in fine fashion.

I felt that I had wa while I was at Wa, a surprisingly good Midwestern sushi restaurant. They even had what looked like a Hakuin hanging near the front door.

Did Hakuin paint this?

Maybe Friday night will become sushi night. Think I can find sushi in Gainesville, Florida?


Ana Maria said...

Good to know that even out West, one can find some good sushi!

Anonymous said...


Daniel said...

Be sure to ask David about food in Gainesville!

shrinecastle said...

Dan, David sent me a text this morning with recommendations!

koh lanta hotels said...

That looks delicious. I hope all airports have these Wa places so I will be able to enjoy some good Japanese food wherever I go.