Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday Night Is Sushi Night

For someone who doesn't consider sushi to be the be-all, end-all in Japanese cuisine, I sure have been eating a lot of it lately. On Friday I found myself at Sushi Matsuri in Gainesville, Florida. While some of my co-workers were drawn in by the more upscale Dragonfly, my friend Jill and I opted for no frills and walking distance. We weren't disappointed.

Sushi Matsuri in Gainesville, Florida

The unagi (eel, the meaty-looking chunks in the center) was melt-in-your-mouth excellent. The futomaki (upper right) was also delicious, but it fell apart when using chopsticks, so I used my hands. The salmon was a bit tough, but we were pleased with the rest of our platter. Dragonfly may have the ambience, but Sushi Matsuri has good flavor at college-town prices.

Who's up for sushi in Villanova, Pennsylvania, this Friday? Is there sushi in Villanova, Pennsylvania?


Daniel said...

Which was the one that David recommended?

shrinecastle said...

Dragonfly, Ichiban, and Sushi Matsuri in that order.