Sunday, February 6, 2011

Neko Nabe: The Cute Alternative to the "Big Game"

Today is the day of the Big Game. You know the one. Vicious creatures battle it out in a contest that matches superb athleticism against raw determination for a singular purpose: To drag that chew toy across the goal line.

What? You were thinking about another Big Game? Oh, yeah. The one between the Steelers and the Packers? Right. Yeah, that's cool, but the Big Game to which I was referring is Puppy Bowl VII. From it's humble beginnings of letting little dogs run around on astroturf to its current state of rabid popularity. (No pun intended.) I always considered this was a network time killer complete with sweetness and fluff. What I didn't realize until I read this article is that Puppy Bowl is a vehicle for puppy adoption.

As adorable as Puppy Bowl is, I've discovered something that rivals the show's supreme cuteness. Neko Nabe!

NABE [prbe]
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Now that's cute!

Seeing this gave me an idea: What if we did a Neko Nabe for kitten adoption? Think about it. Put out a bunch of nabe pots and invite kitties from shelters to sleep in them. This would definitely entice people to adopt the cats because who could resist? There aren't many things more precious than seeing an animal curled up in a dish. Never mind that the container that will eventually hold your dinner. That dinner will not be made of cats, however.

Anyway, I'll develop this idea further and get back to you. This could be the beginning of Neko Adoption Nabe Bowl!


Tammy H. said...

A GREAT idea. I enjoyed a little of the Puppy Bowl yesterday for the first time.

shrinecastle said...

I was traveling to West Virginia yesterday, so I missed the Puppy Bowl. I'm serious about organizing the Neko Nabe for kitten adoption. I'm going to contact my vet, the shelter, and Japanese stores (to donate the nabe pots). If you have any suggestions, please pass them along!