Saturday, April 23, 2011

Less Neon in Tokyo

With rolling blackouts and a more concerted effort to conserve energy since the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis in Japan, Tokyo's neon isn't shining as brightly these days. In this video by YouTube user darwinfish105, you can see how significantly this changes major neighborhoods of Tokyo.

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S T E C K - I B A R R A said...

...perhaps even this grey cloud has a silver lining: The consequences of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami are obliging the Japanese to SERIOUSLY consider ways to use less energy. We can see how they are forced to drastically change their habits in this video: we notice that now people just keep the lights on in only one room instead of leaving them on througout the whole appartment. I have read that coat and ties have come off in the non-airconditioned corporate offices. Lets hope that the politicians that have allowed the (nuclear) energy-monoploies to dominate the market will stop impeding the Japanese from doing what they do best: innovate! Hopefully the greedy have learned their lesson and in 'a few years time' the world market will be flooded with Japanese products that offer low-consumption and/or use renewable energy.