Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a Winner in the Great Tokyo Tako Help Japan Giveaway!

Last Monday I entered a giveaway on an adorable Japanese culture blog called Tokyo Tako. I wanted to win one of the "Help Japan" buttons Allie, a lover of Tokyo and cute things from Japan, was giving away online. It was part of "The Great Tokyo Tako Help Japan Giveaway!" (Yes, I know I'm in my forties.) I mean, look at the prizes:

From Tokyo Tako

Well, I found out tonight that I WON! I'm truly excited. Now, I wanted the Manekineko on the top left, but I was told that I won #5. I'm not sure which one that is, but I'm assuming it's the bottom right. Which is fine because I love all of them!

I know you're jealous, but you, too, can have a button of your own. HOPE JAPAN, a non-profit group of artists, designed a bunch of pins for sale, all profits of which go to the Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. The buttons are only $3 each, a small price to pay to send some hope and love to Japan.


Anonymous said...

Winner winner, chicken dinner!!
Congrats Suze.

See you on the road.


allie said...

Thank you for entering and congrats to you!! :D And yeah, button 5 was the bottom right corner. Sorry I didn't make that clear ><;;

shrinecastle said...

No worries, Allie. I'm happy to win any of the buttons! Thanks again for the contest, and keep up the good work with your blog.